3 Things Employers Want To See On Your Resume

There’s an art to writing a resume. The first step to creating an attention grabbing resume is to know what employers want to see.

#1 Results

Many resumes are written like a bullet list of accomplishments. For example:

  • Responsible for day-to-day management of a coffee shop
  • Hired employees
  • Provided staff training

Those responsibilities are great to know but they don’t show employers what you’re capable of, only what you were asked to do.

Instead, make your list a rundown of your accomplishments. For example,

  • Reduced overhead by 3% in three months
  • Created and implemented new training program
  • Increased employee retention by 10%

Employers like to see results and when you can show how you’ve performed at your past job by using numbers and examples, it helps you stand apart from the other applicants.

#2 Consistency

Most employers understand that employees don’t spend their lives at one company. However, they do want to see that you have a consistent track record with each company, more than a year or two, and that you have a solid reason for leaving. This reason for leaving can be demonstrated by moving onto a better job with a more important title and position. You can also communicate the transition to the next job with more advanced responsibilities and achievements.

#3 Personal Statement

This is the first thing that employers read and it needs to have an impact on them. Be yourself! Show your potential employer what you have to offer and why they should hire you. Companies aren’t looking for drones – well most aren’t. They’re looking for people they like and can count on.

Finally, they want to see that you’re intelligent. This is demonstrated through your accomplishments but also in the body of your resume. Please proofread your resume many times or have someone proofread it for you. Spelling errors, grammar mistakes and poor sentence formatting won’t make a good impression.

Writing Your Resume – Getting Started

If you’re writing your resume yourself, make a list of what you want to include in it on a separate piece of paper. Start listing your achievements with each job. Take the time to craft your personal statement. Once you’ve crafted a rough draft of your outline then you can start polishing and perfecting each word and sentence.

You can also hire a professional to write your resume for you. You’ll still want to make that list of accomplishments. Your resume writer will then turn that list into a well crafted and polished resume.

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