How to Say “I’ve Been Laid Off” On Your Resume

Being laid off is unfortunately something that many unemployed workers are familiar with. With the recession resulting in millions of layoffs within a short few months, many job seekers are now faced with having to explain to future employers about their status.

Luckily, most will understand that it this predicament is not the fault of the employee. But it still doesn’t make the task of disclosing the information a fun one. To help make disclosure a bit easier, here are some ways to say “I’ve been laid off” on your resume.

Just Say It

Probably the best way to get the message across that you’ve been laid off is to just say it. Most certified resume writing specialists¬†would agree that being as transparent as possible is the best way to go. So instead of trying to find ways to side step the issue go ahead and list your job’s start and end dates (month and year).

Underneath the listing, you could explain that you’d been laid off and go even further to explain why (company cutbacks, department closure, budget shortfall, recession, etc.). This way, the employer will know that you’re not afraid to share the truth, no matter how ugly it may be.

Show How You Filled In Gaps

If it has only been a few weeks since you were let go then you’re in the boat of most unemployed job seekers. However, if you were laid off six months ago, it’s good to share on your resume how you filled in the gap.

For instance, if you did a bit of consulting work to bring in some money then it’s good to add this to your resume. Or if you took a couple of short-term gigs to keep you afloat, mention those as well. The job market may be tough to reenter, but the more determined you portray yourself, the¬†more likely you are to spark the interest of a hiring manager.

If you’ve been laid off, don’t feel ashamed of your status; you have just as much a chance as anyone else of getting the next great job. So instead of feeling under confident, keep trying until you get the callback you’re looking for.

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