How To Make Your Cover Letter Less Selfish

Your cover letter is the perfect place to talk about you, right? Of course it is, but it’s really not all about you. In fact, you have to make the employers believe it’s about them. What it actually is all about is how you can help them. Make sense? What Not To Do Read over your cover […]

Cover Letter Letting You Down?

We all know the importance of a cover letter, right? Of course we do! What’s the first thing that employers see? Your cover letter. In fact, if it stinks you can forget about your Grade A resume getting even a curtesy glance. There are three areas in which you want to take a look and […]

Top 5 Aspects Of a Killer Cover Letter That Really Work

Cover letters give you, the jobseeker, a chance to say things that are important, but don’t belong on your resume. You can talk about relocation, or even explain something that is in your resume that might need be detailed further. But it is not a letter to a friend. It is a formal document that […]