How To Make Your Cover Letter Less Selfish

Your cover letter is the perfect place to talk about you, right? Of course it is, but it’s really not all about you. In fact, you have to make the employers believe it’s about them. What it actually is all about is how you can help them. Make sense?

What Not To Do

Read over your cover letter. What is your first impression? Yes, it should be about how great you are (you are, aren’t you?) but you have to do it in a subtle manner. You don’t want to start each sentence with “I’ because it leads the employer to ask, “What about me?”

One way to really turn off a hiring manager is by making demands. Even though you might want, and even expect, a certain salary and full benefits, that is not something you want to state in your cover letter. You’re basically holding out your hand saying, “Gimme!” And it’s still all about you. All the details can be sorted out if and when you get a job offer. It may even be discussed during an interview but it should not be included in your cover letter.

What To Do

One of the best things you can do to impress a hiring manager is by addressing their criteria for the job posted within your cover letter. Remember, anything you can do to point out specifically why you’re the best person for the job the better. They’re not going to take the time to hunt around for it. If you tell them that your qualifications meet their demands, then they’ll spend more time reading what you sent them and lining up an interview.

Take the time to proofread your cover letter because there aren’t many things worse than a cover letter that is slapped together with errors. It shows the reader that you didn’t care enough to do a good job and that you deem them unimportant and not worth the time and effort to do it right. Before sending one out, read it, don’t scan it, and make sure it’s clean.

So make sure that you show the employer what you can do for them and how you fit their criteria and you might have a chance to snag an interview.

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