What To Do When Your Interviewer Asks Inappropriate Questions

It seems there comes a point in every job seeker’s quest where they come across an interviewer who asks inappropriate questions. These questions not only feel uncomfortable to answer, they’re also illegal to ask. So what do you do you want the job but you don’t want answer the questions? Keep In Mind The Reason […]

You Think You’re Nervous…What About The Interviewer?

You know the routine. Your hands are sweaty, your mouth is dry. Yes, it’s interview time. Do you have everything you need? Are your clothes pressed and in place? You take a deep breath and go for it. Have you ever wondered what goes on at the other side of the table? I Don’t Have […]

Can You Become The Best Candidate…Even When You’re Not?

Imagine this situation: You see a job posting or get called by a recruiter looking for the perfect candidate for, let’s face it, your dream job. You read the description. Yes! That’s what you really are dying to do. Then you get to the requirements. Uh-oh. You don’t have the right education or experience and you […]