Is That Job Too Good To Be True?

You come across a job that looks like a good fit for you. You’ve got the experience, education and skills required. You even have some great accomplishments that show that you can really make a difference to the bottom line.

Who wouldn’t like this job? They somehow make it look “fun” with great perks and incentives. You’re going for it. You apply for the job.

The Interview

You get a funny feeling. Everyone is nice enough but you feel like they’re not telling you the whole story. Kind of like when you’re trying to buy a used car. You’re only told what will sell you on the car. In this situation, you’re only being told the aspects that makes the job seem like one out of a dream. When you ask pointed questions about something that might not be the best part of the job, you get the runaround. They make everything as rosy-sounding as possible. As we all know, every job has its negative side. It’s much better if you know them beforehand so you can decide if the good outweigh the bad.

Over Anxious

It’s a great feeling when an employer really wants to hire you. It strokes your ego and allows for your confidence to soar. Embrace that feeling but have the logical side of your brain bring you back to earth. While you honestly might be the best person for the job, if you feel they are just a little too anxious to get you onboard, you might want to consider why.

Sometimes what happens is that someone quits unexpectedly and they need to fill the position quickly. That can mean that you’re going to be dumped into the job and expected to start running. You might get less training and learn-as-you-go. That can be tough for a lot of people to deal with and can cause quite anxiety.

Another reason they might be gun-ho to get you in there is because the previous person screwed things up immensely and they need someone to come in and clean it up. This can be good or bad. The good part is that you can come out looking like a hero. It’ll take time to get things cleared up, but once they do, it’ll be easier to manage now that it’s under control. In addition, you’ll have earned the respect of your coworkers for working hard and making things run smoothly.

The bad part is that if you’re a person who doesn’t like coming into disarray, it can get you off on the wrong foot. You’ll feel like you’re constantly trying to play catch-up and never get a firm footing.

Try not to overanalyze the situation. If it feels good and there doesn’t seem to be anything fishy going on, it could be okay for you to accept the position. Each situation, company and jobseeker is unique. Your goal is to not get yourself in a bad decision that you’re going to regret.

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