Nervous About the Company Background and Credit Check? What To Expect

Today most employers conduct background checks on new employees. It’s simply part of the hiring process. Put yourself in their shoes; would you want to hire somebody that has been accused of assault with a deadly weapon? Background checks are really the only way they can make sure they’re not hiring a dangerous person. That […]

Sights Set On A Specific Company? How To Get Your Foot In The Door

Do you have a dream job or company you’d like to work for? While you may be content at your existing employer, there’s always that one company that would be incredible to be a part of. If you have your sights set on a specific company, don’t let it stay a dream. Take steps to […]

Is That Job Too Good To Be True?

You come across a job that looks like a good fit for you. You’ve got the experience, education and skills required. You even have some great accomplishments that show that you can really make a difference to the bottom line. Who wouldn’t like this job? They somehow make it look “fun” with great perks and […]