Jobseekers – How To Find Out The Answers To These Much Needed Questions

As you start interviewing, you’re going to realize that there are some questions you really want answered. The answers are so important, in fact, that they can determine whether you accept a job offer from a particular company or not. The difficult part about this is that you can’t quite come out and ask your interviewer and/or your potential boss these questions. So what’s a jobseeker to do? Just calm down and take a deep breath.

Is my position going to be around for awhile?

You probably know people who have left stable jobs only to find themselves in an organization that is downsizing. It’s not a very fun position to be in. You need to be sure that you do some research on their financials (some info should be available online). It’s imperative to tread cautiously if you bring it up to your interviewer. You  can also ask how crucial the job is to the whole organization and if it’s vital for it’s success.

How well do the managers and their employees get along?

In all jobs, the relationship between the bosses and employees can have a great affect on the overall enjoyment of a job. A great relationship can cause an okay job to be better than okay for all involved. However, if you have a tyrant for a boss or one that isn’t flexible when it comes to family time, then it might not be the best position for you.

But how can you know for sure? You can request to speak with would-be coworkers. Most companies shouldn’t have a problem with that (unless they have something to hide). You can ask them the pros and cons of working for the boss. You can then decide if it’something you would enjoy.

Why is this position open?

A high turnover rate can be a red flag for you as a potential employee. That means, that for one of several reasons, people aren’t sticking around. That unhappiness that causes others to leave could easily cause you to leave as well.  You can ask why your particular position is open, and how the department itself is doing as far as retaining group members.

What is the working atmosphere?

Do you want to work in a place where employees are afraid to speak to each other or someplace where you can tell people generally like each and get along? You can tell a lot by walking through the building on your way to interview. What are the employees? Do they smile at you or do they look at you with horror in their eyes? You obviously know the better of the two.

Deciding where your next job is going to be is a very important decision. You want to make sure your questions are answered, one way or the other. You don’t get to undo a bad decision.

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