How to Use LinkedIn to Network To Find a Job

There are an abundance of online sites and tools you can use to network and strengthen your job search. One of the premier business networking sites is LinkedIn. You can use it to connect with people in your industry and find your dream job. What is LinkedIn? LinkedIn is a professional online networking service. In […]

Important: How to Showcase Your Personal Brand on LinkedIn: 8 Tips

LinkedIn is a very important tool in your job search, and it’s just going to keep getting more so. How can you leverage it to your best advantage? Personal branding is something you are hearing more about now. It’s basically how you’re marketing yourself. Does your LinkedIn profile showcase your strengths or does it fall […]

Your Career vs the Social Media Scene

There was a time when having a neatly pressed suit, good manners and a list of credentials was enough to manage a successful job application. But let’s face it those “good ole days” are long gone. In today’s world, you have so many options and avenues and at times, it gets a bit overwhelming – […]