The Number One Mistake Most Job Hunters Make

Hunting for a job? You’re not alone. Many people are looking to change their job or to end a period of unemployment. However, most job hunters are also making a potentially huge mistake. They’re not networking. Putting in the Time Chances are you’re working hard to get a job. You’re putting in the time and […]

An Introverts Guide To Networking and Landing a Job

Most jobs are filled before a job posting is ever written. They’re filled via word of mouth – that is, they’re filled by people who know people. Networking is the best way to have that inside advantage and it often leads to very satisfying careers. However, networking can be scary, especially if you’re an introvert. […]

How Utilizing Social Networking Sites Can Enhance Your Job Search

As an eager job candidate, you’re probably always looking for ways to enhance your ability to successfully find employment. Luckily, as technology enhances, so do your vehicles for finding the jobs you want. This is especially true with the advent of social networking sites. Now don’t feel turned off by the word “social,” because while […]