Use Negative Job Search Feedback To Your Advantage

It’s never easy to receive criticism in any part of your life. When it comes to your job search, it can even be more disheartening. Not only are you not getting any offers, you have to deal with the thought that you’re not good enough. Not easy on the psyche! So how can you turn this potentially hurtful information (or opinion, as it may be), into something positive that will actually help you succeed?

Your resume and cover letter

How great would it be to have hiring managers and recruiters help you make your resume better? Not everyone is a born writer and writing resumes is a whole different ballgame than other types. So, take note of what they say. Literally, take notes, if you have to. Those in the position to hire you will offer you suggestions that you should heed. Put aside your hurt ego and learn something.

Your Interview Skills

If your job search documents aren’t getting critiqued, then it might be your actual interview skills. It’s not just about answering questions correctly; it can be a combination of things. Your inability to answer those tough questions effectively; your body language not portraying interest and confidence; or even rude behavior. You might be doing something¬†unconsciously that is really off-putting to interviewers. Wouldn’t it be valuable to know that before your next interview? Accept any critique they offer, and do so with a smile. Show interest in their opinion and they might offer you a goldmine of information you can use going forward.

Gain Confidence

With all the feedback you receive, you should be able to really knock your job search out of the park. If your resume is just too much or difficult for you to do, get help. Practice your interview techniques and hone your skills. You’ll be surprised to find that, as you fix all the “problem areas,” job offers might start rolling in.

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