Why Do You Need a Resume When There’s LinkedIn?

There are those who don’t believe resumes are going to be around much longer. Who needs resumes when you have LinkedIn, right? They actually serve two different purposes. They go together very well and both have to be top-notch in order for you to get interviews.

Why a Cover Letter and Resume?

Your resume serves a purpose. It provides a way to get your information in front of hiring managers for a particular job. Your cover letter allows you to say things that don’t belong on your resume but is important enough to say. It sounds simple but without these two pieces of information, your job search isn’t going to go anywhere fast.

Why LinkedIn?

Social profiles allow you specify certain skills and gather recommendations for each specific job. Think about how much time this saves hiring managers! They don’t have to call references anymore since it’s all there in your profile. If there’s a certain skill that they really value, they can see if you’ve listed it as one of your strengths and if anyone can back up you on that. You can also include a biography which can be very helpful in conveying what you have to offer.

When searching for your job, pay equal attention to both your resume package and your LinkedIn profile. Make sure they agree and compliment each other. Your potential employers will surely notice.

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